Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Stressful Personalities In Work: Asking The Question

As I work longer in the nursing profession, I find that the most stressful area about working is not the job itself nor the patients, but those you work with. In every workplace there would always be somebody whose personality is not endearing. And then again there are those who are out and out bully. Or just plain bat shit crazy. Sure, everybody is suppose to be professional and all that shit... but... these "personalities" in the workplace sometimes creates an unpleasant environment. A normal person can tolerate it once, twice, but if you have to have to deal with it everyday, it gets stressful. I think this is where increased sickness statistics is seen. Gotta have a solution for the long term... And then the stress factor may come in varying degrees. Additional stress factors from other sources like home and such could come into play. And some people copes with it better than others. But how about you?... So what do you do if you have to work with these "personalities"? So how do you cope with it and not resign from your job? How do you survive it without getting sick? Use a Stress Reduction Kit? Please post your opinion in the comments section...

I've worked with a few of these "personalities" in the course of my tenure in the nursing profession. I resigned. I moved departments... What did you do?

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